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Access premium data, features and reports on a single parcel.

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All access for 24 hours. Great for short term research projects.

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All access subscription. Great for studios with ongoing data needs.

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Feature Comparison

Parcel Records 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Access Single Parcel 24 hours Recurring
Client ready PDF reports (example) check check check
Zoning check check check
Overlays check check check
Owner information check check check
Permit search check check check
AutoCAD DXF export (example) check check check
Google Maps KML export (example) check check check
CSV export (example) check check check
Parcel dimensions check check check
Water main details check check
Sewer main details check check

Enterprises and Governments

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the monthly subscription require a contract?

Nope. We pride ourselves on making your life easier. If you want to change your plan you can do so anytime from your user preferences.

How often is the data on Scoutred updated?

Different data sets update at different intervals. The most dynamic data set is parcel ownership and is updated monthly. The rest of the datasets (i.e. zoning, overlays, etc.) are updated as new versions are released, usually quarterly or annually.

What geographic area does Scoutred cover?

Currently Scoutred covers San Diego County and Los Angeles County and we're planning on adding additional counties in the near future. If you have a county you would like to see added Let us know!

What if I have more questions?

We'd love to have a chat! You can email our founder, Alex, and ask him anything.