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Promise Zone

Promise Zones are high poverty communities where the federal government partners with local leaders to increase economic activity, improve educational opportunities, leverage private investment, reduce violent crime, enhance public health and address other priorities identified by the community. Current Promise Zones were selected through three rounds of national competition, in which applicants demonstrated a consensus vision for their community and its residents, the capacity to carry it out, and a shared commitment to specific, measurable results. The Promise Zone designation partners the Federal government with local leaders who are addressing multiple community revitalization challenges in a collaborative way. The Promise Zone designation will last for a term of 10 years. During this term, the specific benefits made available to Promise Zones will vary from year to year, and sometimes more often than annually, due to changes in the agency policies and changes in appropriations and authorizations for relevant programs.


Attribute Details
Jurisdiction: United States of America
Year: 2016
Poverty Rate: 39.06
Unemployment Rate: 15.61
Project ID: 2457802
Community: San Diego PZ
Lead Org: City of San Diego


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Last updated: October 8, 2023