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Complete Communities Plan

The purpose of these regulations is to provide a floor area ratio based density bonus incentive program for development within Transit Priority Areas that provides housing for very low income, low income, or moderate income households and provides neighborhood-serving infrastructure amenities. These regulations are intended to materially assist in providing adequate housing for all economic segments of the community; to provide a balance of housing opportunities within the City of San Diego with an emphasis on housing near transit; and to encourage use of mobility alternatives through the construction of neighborhoodserving infrastructure amenities. Investment in neighborhood-serving infrastructure that creates destinations and encourages walking, biking and use of transit, particularly within Transit Priority Areas, is critical to the Citys Climate Action Plan goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. These regulations do not implement California Government Code Section 65915 (State Density Bonus Law), which is implemented through San Diego Municipal Code Chapter 14, Article 3, Division 7.


Attribute Details
Jurisdiction: City of San Diego
Tier: Tier 3
Allowance: FAR Tier 3: 6.5 FAR


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Last updated: March 10, 2024